Tuesday Takeover: Against All Odds / Part 2: Have a Little Faith

Clara Calabrese

Clara is a devoted wife and homeschooling mom of five boys!!! She enjoys art, poetry, writing, and reading. She loves making hand crafted gifts for her small gift business, Gifts For You. She enjoys serving as a worship team member, leads a coffee house once every other month at a local church, and planning monthly moms nights out for our local homeschool association. Above all she is daughter of the Most High King, and shines His light to all she comes across. She is a real life overcoming and conquerer in Jesus! A true inspiration to her friends and family.

Have A Little Faith

As I sit here pondering what to write, there is just so much I could say. What would be beneficial? The phrase that comes to mind is this; "Have a little faith!" Oh! If only we would have a little faith; then we could move mountains! Being a mom to five boys means I seriously have to have faith. I gotta tell you that this is no picnic! Looking back I never knew I would homeschool or have this many children. Now I am raising arrows in the hands of a warriors.(Psalms 127:4) As challenging as this road is I have no regrets! You maybe thinking why would any sane person choose this path? Well first of all I'm not an average sane person! Ha! ha! I would say to you that God choose me to go down this path!! It is not an easy path but its worth the journey. I honestly know that without God's love and strength I could not do this. This challenge would be much more difficult without God helping me, You maybe wondering what its like to homeschool theses little men. In a nutshell I would say that it helps to be organized (that is key!) Honestly, I am not naturally organized so this process is so hard for me. I am constantly rewriting my schedule and I struggle with time management; but not all homeschool have the same issues. There is no one way formula to teach our child because as you know they all learn differently. I have learned over the years that we cant put our children in a box or have a cookie cutter way of teaching them. We have had fun times and hard times in this process but most of all I still have enjoyed watching my children learn.

Have a Little Faith

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It is so important to have support from family and friends especially other homeschool moms and mothers helpers. If your husband gets on board with teaching them; then that's helpful too! My husband is naturally organized and is helpful with teaching and reminding us to stick to our schedule. I know for me with concerns to a schedule it has helped to purchase a curriculum that has a lesson plan in it. I am still learning to juggle chores and meal planning as life is happening and situations sometimes disrupt daily plans. Most of our school day happens between 8:30a.m. -12:30 p.m. We occasionally need a few more hours in the afternoon. It is hard to stick to a daily schedule with a house of five bouncy boys but we'll keep trying!

The curriculum that I have used over the years is called My Fathers World which is a Bible and literature based curriculum. This has been useful in teaching our large family as it has learning cycles that incorporates teaching multi-subjects to the different grades such as: History, Science, Art, Music and Foreign Language. We adjust the lessons to meet our children's learning needs and that's the flexibility of homeschooling! There are times homeschooling five sons seem like this (if you can picture it) A clown (me) juggling ten things while standing on a ball with one foot just trying to balance it all. I don't say this to make fun of myself; but to show you how challenging it is.

This journey and adventure is rewarding despite the sacrifices at times. Though my children are learning from me I am learning from them as well. I am learning how to accomplish more on their behalf and how to become a better parent. I am learning how to shift my focus on God as I depend on Him to become a better teacher learning from the best teacher. I am daily reminded to never give up. There is no perfect homeschool or perfect parent. Its ok because we all need God's grace to mold us to be whom He desires us to be. It is so important for us to support one another. If some family or friends choose not to support you than try not to let it bother you. You can still choose to homeschool as long as you connect with a local homeschool group or co-op. Having this community is helpful and encouraging. If I can do this so can you! It helps if you feel called to do it!

I can do all things through Christ Who strengthen me! Phillipians 4:13.


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