Tuesday Takeover: Against All Odds / Part 1

Clara Calebrese

Clara is a devoted wife and homeschooling mom of five boys!!! She enjoys art, poetry, writing, and reading. She loves making hand crafted gifts for her small gift business, Gifts For You. She enjoys serving as a worship team member, leads a coffee house once every other month at a local church, and planning monthly moms nights out for our local homeschool association. Above all she is daughter of the Most High King, and shines His light to all she comes across. She is a real life overcomer and conquerer in Jesus! A true inspiration to her friends and family.

Against All Odds

I was just a little city girl with a strained childhood from Camden, NJ. As a child, I felt different and I couldn't put my finger on it. I use to talk with God about my problems before I even knew Him in a personal relationship. I had so many questions and the main one was why? Why were we poor? Why did my mom have a mental illness? Why was my dad so angry? Why did we have to go through all this? I use to think that it was wrong to ask God why, but years later found out that it was good to ask God questions and expect answers even if the answers may not be what we want. He is a just God.

During my childhood my education was challenged because of becoming a foster child and changing schools three times during middle school. At the time we were taken into foster care we had no electricity and no refrigerator and received welfare assistance. Despite these challenges, I still loved school and pushed myself to do well. Against the odds, I went on to finish high school, and it was quite the accomplishment for me; as if I had graduated from college. During my High school years, I struggled to find my place and who I was. I had tons of good and bad experiences, as any teenager does. I eventually became a follower and experimented with drugs and alcohol. I was taken advantage of and hurt too many times and I started to really not care about myself because I felt worthless. I finally got to a place were I just didn't want to live anymore and I truly believed that it didn't matter if I did. I struggled to find my place and purpose in life and struggled with feeling unloved, empty, and depressed.

Against All Odds

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After a while of going through these feelings. I started to meet Christians and was more interested in church after God got my attention through a word spoken by my pastor; I became fully aware of how real God is. At the age of sixteen, I committed my heart and life to Jesus. Life wasn't perfect after that, but now I was assured that God saw worth in me, and that His love for me was true and great. Life would still hold hardships as two years later my foster mom died and my heart was broken. I was angry and I questioned God, but He was with me and I was not alone and I'm thankful that He helped me through it. Then, I moved in with my foster mom's sister. She was a blessing, and we helped each other. We encouraged and supported each other. I'm so thankful she took me in when she did. Eventually, I went off to Guatemala on a missions trip for the very first time and it was life changing! I also found other ways to serve by volunteering at camps during the Summer. These were all the ways that God was building my foundation.

In my junior year of High school little did I know that God was preparing for me a husband. You better believe I prayed long and hard about that because I only wanted God's will for my life, and only wanted to please God! He confirmed so much to me after I prayed and looked to his word. When my other half first approached me about us being more than just friends; I totally shot it down because I didn't want to fail God, but I almost missed God's plan and his best for me. I'm thankful I followed faith and not fear! We dated for two years and were engaged for six months. Finally, we were married! All these years later we are a homeschooling family to five boys... our arrows. I call this our journey and our adventure. We have faith that moves mountains!

I know that going through a harsh childhood was difficult, but it was also a part of what became my foundation, and it helped pave the way to my Savior; Jesus! For that I am forever changed and thankful. I know that without a doubt that without Him I wouldn't be here today. Against all odds God saw my worth and sent Jesus to die on the cross for my sins.

When my mother and father forsake me ... God is here! Psalm 27. (Our story continues about our homeschool adventure in part two so stay tuned!!!)


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