TOP 17 BENEFITS OF MATCHA TEA: + Bonus Coffeehouse Matcha Latte Copycat Recipe

Top 17 Benefits of Matcha Tea

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by 10th Avenue Tea. I received the product featured in this blog post complimentary for my honest review. The opinions in this post are completely my own. Photo credit goes to Michael Alexander Photography. Please also note, this post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.

When I first found out I was chosen to partner with 10th Avenue Tea I was so excited to learn all I could about matcha tea, before giving this one a shot. I have had a few tastings of matcha tea, and matcha lattes from local coffee and tea houses. So I sort of knew what to expect as far as flavor went. And I knew matcha is healthy for you. I just didn't know how healthy it was for you until I delved into good ol' Google to research all I could on this amazing tea. Check out these more-than-impressive benefits I stumbled across!

Top 17 Benefits of Matcha Tea:

1. Matcha is packed with cancer-fighting antioxidants including the powerful EGCg.

EGCg is short for Epigallocatechin gallate catechin. Which is a major enemy to disease as it is a powerful disease fighter.

2. Boosts metabolism.

The high levels of EGCg in matcha and been shown to increase the body's metabolic rate and stop the growth of fat cells.

3. Burns calories.

Matcha can also increase thermogenesis in the body, which is an increase of heat in the body by burning calories.

4. Detoxifies effectively and naturally.

Matcha has 10 times the antioxidants that regular green tea has.

5. Calms the mind.

Matcha relieves stress, and increases mental relaxation. It had its beginnings in Asia where it's been consumed for over a thousand years. "Japanese zen monks brought tea plants from China. They found matcha a useful aid for staying alert and calm during their many hours of meditation." (

6. Relaxes the body, and prevents premature aging.

The caffeine level in matcha tea is much lower than that of a cup of coffee, and the L-Theanine in this tea helps the body to not feel the same effects as one normally would when consuming caffeine. So unless you are extremely sensitive to caffeine, you can drink matcha before bed and it will help relax you... actually helping your body to have a better night's sleep. Plus the antioxidants, bioactive compounds, flavonoids, and catechins help increase the body's ability to fight free radicals, increase cell turnover of the skin, and fight signs of aging... in this case, all while you sleep!

7. Rich in fiber.

Helps eliminate bloating, aids in digestion, and keep your bowels regular.

8. Rich in chlorophyll.

Due to it's carefully shade-grown environment, matcha is majorly rich in the powerful detoxifier chlorophyll, helping to eliminate both heavy metals and chemicals from the body.

9. Enhances mood.

Decreases irritability and mood swings. Great natural treatment of PMS, and even PMDD and menopause.

10. Aids in concentration.

Helps you to focus, and stay alert.

11. Provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc, magnesium, and vitamin K.

Matcha is just an overall great source for nutrients.

12. Prevents disease.

Not only are the antioxidants powerful in this tea, but with it's detoxing properties and power to increase the body's metabolic rate this tea can actually improve the body's functioning, boost the immune system, and help develop a resistance to disease altogether.

13. Lowers cholesterol.

The catechin found in matcha green teas are effective at lowering cholesterol (specifically LDL cholesterol).

14. Lowers blood sugar.

Recent studies show that green tea extract, particularly matcha, reduce the normal elevation of glucose and insulin. (

15. Contains L-Theanine.

L-Theanine may help focus, memory, and learning; all the while inhibiting any possible negative side-effects from caffeine. This helps create an alert calm.

16. Reduces Heart Disease risk.

Studies show that people who drink green tea, particularly matcha green tea, have a 28% lower risk of coronary artery disease. Matcha decreases your risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, and hypertension. (

17. Lowers risk of Type II Diabetes.

Not only does matcha tea have the capabilities to help boost metabolism, burn calories, and lower blood sugar... it can actually curb cravings as well. All these benefits help to maintain a healthy body weight, and prevent obesity and diseases, such as Type II Diabetes, associated with obesity.

10th Avenue Tea Instant Green Tea Matcha

10th Avenue Matcha tea is not only super tasty. It is an easy and simple way to add powerful SUPERFOOD health benefits to your everyday diet. It really is a great choice for morning, afternoon, or anytime. It gives you energy without the jitters. It is a calm alertness. I love it. The flavor is smooth and not bitter. I can drink it without sweetener. It is much like green tea, but a bit more rich. Besides the flavor, here are my top 5 reasons why I love this brand, and will definitely continue to purchase this:

10th Avenue Tea is convenient and eco-friendly.

One, it's super convenient! The travel sized bottle has a top like a salt and pepper shaker. You just turn, shake, and pour water (hot, or cold) into your favorite mug or cup, and enjoy. As a busy mom, constantly on the go, I don't usually have time to wait fooorrrreevvverr for my tea to steep. Nor do I want to deal with a soggy tea bag or messy loose leaf tea while on the go. The size, travel cap, and versitality of this product make it so easy to take with you and enjoy anytime and anywhere.

Two, 10th Avenue Tea Instant Green Tea Matcha is all-natural and super healthy. It contains ZERO fillers, artificial ingredients, sweeteners, or preservatives. And has all the Ahhhhmmmmaaazzzing benefits that I listed above!

Thirdly, two of those benefits, as I mentioned above, are that matcha helps to boost the metabolism and burn more calories. With the combo of clean eating and drinking 10th Avenue Tea Instant Green Tea Matcha everyday, I was able to lose 8lbs in just 3 weeks!

My last two reasons for loving 10th Avenue Tea are that company was founded by two awesome moms (moms like me) just trying to make a difference for their families while leaving less of a carbon foot print on the planet. Read their full story here.

One of their main goals in building this company was to be Eco-Friendly. I feel they have more than accomplished this, as each bottle contains up to 45 servings and can be recycled when empty. (Many other instant tea products come in single serve pods, or pre-brewed in plastic bottles that, sadly, can take 200-400 years to break down in a landfill.)

Another awesome quality of this tea is that, 10th Avenue Tea is an approved brand. Which means if you use the code: mom20, you will get 20% off your order! Who doesn't love a good deal right? approved

So there you have it. The top benefits of matcha tea, and the reasons why I choose 10th Avenue Tea as my go to brand for Instant Green Tea Matcha. I hope you found this post informative, and that you will give 10th Avenue Tea a try. You won't be sorry. I can't wait to try out their many different flavors! Check them out HERE!

Want to see my Bonus Coffeehouse Matcha Latte Copycat Recipe? Don't forget to scroll down to check it out!

Bonus: Coffeehouse Matcha Latte Copycat Recipe

Coffeehouse Matcha Latte Copycat Recipe


10 shakes of 10th Avenue Tea Instant Green Tea Matcha

12 ounces of hot water

2-3 Tbs coconut milk

1 Tb raw local honey (or you can use organic coconut sugar or agave as vegan options)


Simply shake 10 shakes of 10th Avenue Tea Instant Green Tea Matcha into your favorite mug.

Add 12 ounces of hot water and stir until the matcha powder dissolves.

Next, stir in coconut milk.

Last, stir in honey.




Sip. Enjoy. Relax.

If you plan on giving this recipe a try, remember to save it by pinning or sharing it. Have a delicious and nutritious matcha recipe of your own that you'd like to share? I'd love to save it myself, so be sure to comment with it below!


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