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Introduction by: Lauren Ambrico

Liza Romano is a devoted wife, seasoned mommy of 3 adult daughters, loving grandmother to 6 beautiful grandchildren, cancer survivor and current cancer fighter, business manager, and sister-in-Christ with a ton of wisdom. She also happens to be my dear sister-in-law. She has guided me over the years with wisdom, grace, and mercy. She has helped me know the Lord deeper. She challenges me, and has strengthened me in my spiritual walk by consistently reminding me not only to receive His blessings, but to receive His grace and have grace for myself. Just yesterday I was beating myself up for my heart being ugly about something and she knew just what to say to help me get my head screwed back on straight and to walk in His ever-loving grace. She is a true prayer warrior, solider, and servant of the Lord. I knew from the start of Lil' Olive Tree, that I wanted her to be a guest writer. I just know my readers will gain so much from her insight and wisdom. I have been truly blessed to know this woman... to have her as my sister-in-Christ, a mentor, my dear friend whom I love... and most of all to be able to call her family. So allow me to introduce Liza Romano, daughter of the Most High King, as she inspires us to renew our walk with the Lord this Spring and beyond.

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Renewal – an instance of resuming an activity or state after an interruption. The first known use was in 1603 – the state of being made new, fresh or strong again. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

Most people make up New Year resolutions because it is a “new year”. Time to change this or that but personally I find that it is still dark and cold and there is a big letdown after the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays when we take down all that splendor of excitement and color. Though that has yet to be broken by the profession of love and chocolate in February which then turns to the green of St. Patty’s day in March where we are now. By the end of March I am ready to march out of this heaviness and into a more lighthearted waltz.

When I was young I would wake up one March morning to the smell of coffee, Lysol, and the sound of the washer swishing and the dryer humming. As I made my way down the stairs I could see my mom throwing open all of the windows. It grew brighter and cooler as one by one each curtain was taken down and each window was opened wide. From one side of the house the cool air rushed through forcing the old, dark and dingy right on out through a window on the opposite side of the house. Bit by bit the tablecloths, couch pillows, curtains, throws, rugs, and kitchen towels would be transform from deep dark heavy colors to fresh, light, bright, and airy. My sisters and I would love to clean and shine the crystal droplets on the dining room chandelier. As each droplet was carefully placed back onto the chandelier the sun would stream through the windows reflecting off the sparkling chandelier as it cast pastel rainbows of dancing light across the walls and our souls, clearing our minds and RENEWING in us joy, peace, and hope for the new days to come.

Along with a clean house and mind came Easter and the renewal of Jesus in our hearts. Now HE never truly goes away, though sometimes the daily tasks of our lives seems to take precedence over our time with Jesus. We go about our busy day until boom something crosses our paths and we get scared and anxious. We don’t know what to do until we remember and we cry out, “ Jesus - God our Father please help us”!

What we don’t always realize is that He is with us every day right beside us. If we remember to pray every morning, He will be on our minds throughout the day giving us supernatural strength. We sometimes don’t even realize that this will help guide us through our day because we will know without a doubt that any obstacles we face, will not be faced alone.

Some people sadly don’t think they are good enough for a relationship with God. Jesus loved and loves everyone - sinners and saints. He didn’t turn anyone down who needed help. In fact He died so that ALL of our sins will be forgiven and scrubbed away all of our sins so that we would be made new and whole and clean with no leftover residue from our former lives. All we have to do to have a personal relationship with Him is accept Him into our hearts.

A good way to renew yourself spiritually is to surround yourself with the Love of Jesus. I don’t always get to church as often as I like but sometimes I listen to Christian music in the car. I print out or buy scripture verses on pretty pictures like the ones here and put them up on my walls or on a paper note book or my computer desktop. You can get these and coloring books with scripture at the dollar store or Amazon. Maybe you can draw it yourself. Another thing I do to renew my relationship with Jesus is to read my bible and/or bible plan. You can also read daily devotionals that you can buy anywhere even at the dollar store. I find that most time what was written along with the bible verses guides me through my day or answers a question about something that has been bugging me in my life. There is a wonderful app for your computer called youversion. It is an online bible, with a daily verse, and plans for every subject in your life. This is what I look forward to every morning - renewing my relationship with Jesus which helps me through my day.

So this March before you do your spring renewal cleaning, why you don’t march out of those boots of darkness, despair, uncertainty or hopelessness and let the Lord be your refuge. Spiritually clean out those dark cobwebs and RENEW your interest in the Lord. Fill your life with hope and strength only the Lord can give you. Your life will be much brighter as He guides you every step of the way.

May The Lord bless thee, and keep thee. May The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. Amen




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