Tuesday Takeover: New Year, New Declaration

Introduction by: Lauren Ambrico

Elizabeth Coco is a seasoned mommy of 4 adult children, and sister-in-Christ with a ton of wisdom. She also happens to be my dear sister-in-law. She has guided me over the years with grace and mercy. She has helped me know the Lord deeper. She challenges me, and has strengthened me in my spiritual walk by consistently reminding me to receive His blessings and to stand on His WORD with authority as His WORD is ultimate truth, and my identity lies in Christ alone. She is a true prayer warrior, solider, and servant of the Lord. I look forward to her daily devotion text messages, and knew from the start of Lil' Olive Tree, that I wanted her to be a guest writer. I just know my readers will gain so much from her insight and wisdom. I have been truly blessed to know this woman... to have her as my mentor, and to look up to... and most of all to call my family. So allow me to introduce Elizabeth Coco: mother, daughter, sister, baker, artist, writer, and most important daughter of the Most High King.

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I'd like to encourage us all to focus on, and identify with, who Christ says we are and what we have through Him. I wrote a declaration to speak out loud... every morning. (God will redeem your time if you ask Him to and trust Him). This has personally transformed my mind, my heart, and my life. The more I practice it, the more free I am and the more it becomes not just something I am saying that bounces off the walls, but an actual manifestation of God's Truth, a reality... that is still becoming rooted and grounded within the very depths of my being!

Consistency is key! Especially when we don't "feel" like it. Press on! This is an example you can start with, but you can write your own! So, because our words are powerful, and we listen more to what we say to ourselves than what others say, SPEAK OUTLOUD:

I declare and decree! I... am a beloved child of the Most High God! I am LOVED! I am VALUED! I am VALUABLE! I am BEAUTIFUL! Accepted, NEVER condemned... only Convicted. I AM NEVER alone, NEVER forsaken, for You live IN me! You are peace and wisdom. In me for ANY situation that arises... I HAVE ALL I need, that pertains to my life, and to me growing in godliness. I have a sound mind. I CHOOSE what to think and I cast down every thought that does not agree with Your TRUTHS! I choose JOY, as I think about Your love, goodness, and mercy that follows me. I choose PEACE as I focus on, speak out loud, and listen to Your Word. I pull off me (literally pull off) and cast to You every care, concern, and weight. I am going about my day restful, having an open ear to sense Your leading, Lord I trust YOU! You are FAITHFUL and TRUE. I know You love me and seek my best in all! I reject, I REFUSE ALL offenses, as they are Satan's trap! By Your enabling GRACE, I choose to love, choose to forgive... for Your love is shed abroad in my heart as Your CHILD! I LIVE by faith... NOT feelings, the world, or the devil! I REFUSE to be moved or react. I choose to respond in rightness as You strengthen me. I can do ALL things! I AM an OVERCOMER because of what You did on the cross, and by the word of my testimony... speaking Your TRUTHS! I AM victorious and free to be ALL You created me to be! IN Jesus Name, AMEN!!!

I pray this will encourage you and be the start of a new language to speak over yourself... your children... your spouse... etc.

Behold what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us, that we should be called children of God![a] Therefore the world does not know us, because it did not know Him.

1 JOHN 3:1


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