My Review of Imagine Soups Super Reds

When I received my very first VoxBox through Influenster I was ecstatic that it was from Imagines Foods

Soups and Broths. I have seen Imagine Soups at Moms Organic Market, and have been meaning to try it. Now I was given the opportunity to try it without even having to leave the house to shop! Those who know how much I love organic foods, know that I could hardly contain my excitement.

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I received a box of Super Reds Creamy Soup (which I assumed was like a tomato soup, and I later found out I assumed right). I also received a box of Free Range Chicken Broth.

Imagine Soups Super Reds Creamy Soup

Imagine Soups Free Range Chicken Broth


This soup was so easy to prepare. No adding anything. Just shake, open, pour, and heat. That simple!

When I think tomato soup... naturally, I think of grilled cheese sandwiches. So I know exactly what I wanted to serve my Imagine Soups Super Reds soup with.

I love using my cast iron pan as much as possible to cook with, as it naturally fortifies our foods with iron that our bodies need. So this was a perfect opportunity to use my cast iron pan. I try to use as many organic, non GMO foods, and natural whole foods as possible when cooking as well. Which is why this soup seemed like it was perfect for my family. Also why I reached for my sprouted grains bread and Kerry Gold grass fed butter to whip up some quick grilled cheese sandwiches while my Imagine Super Reds heated up.

Once my soup was heated through, and my grilled cheese sandwiches were all nice and toasty on each side, it was time to serve this scrumptious looking lunch to my kiddos!

Baby comes first! Soup and a sandwich are served perfect in this Nuby Sure Grip Miracle Mat Section Plate!

Then the rest of us.

Now it was time to Thank the Lord for our food and... DIG IN!

We didn't forget to test it with a good ol' grilled cheese dip-dip!

Sonny wanted his picture taken too!

So what did we think of this soup that contains so many awesome super food ingredients such as: beets, lentils, cranberries, pomegranate, and coconut cream? It was amazing! We didn't taste all those extra goodness foods one bit. It tasted like traditional tomato soup, but better!

We gave it TWO thumbs up!

And my Sonny-boy even loved it too... as you can see! Hehe

There you have it. Imagine Soups Super Reds Creamy Soup is a delicious comfort food type of meal... that pairs perfectly with grilled cheese! As a mom, I can really feel good about feeding my children this soup as its wholesome ingredients are so healthy for them. I hope you enjoyed this review.

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