Tuesday Takeover: 7 Everyday Essentials That Will Benefit Your Life


by: Lauren Ambrico

When brainstorming about who to ask to help me with my Tuesday Takeover posts, (Look for guest writers, bloggers, and/or experts every first Tuesday of the month on lilolivetree.com ), my thoughts naturally leaned towards my cousin Nicole. As an only child, Nicole has always been the cooler older cousin I secretly wished was my sister all my life. I am grateful that she has become more and more like a sister to me in our adult lives. She has always been so smart, so caring and nurturing, such a good mother, and her crunchy ways, such as home remedies, a believer in natural immunity, and raising chickens always intrigued me and inspired me. Growing up, our Grandmother, Rose, always had the craftiest home remedies up her sleeve for any ailment; and I feel like Gram was such a huge influence in both our lives... Many of those remedies stuck with us over the years, and sparked a greater intrigue to learn more about natural living.

Nicole has been an avid natural remedy researcher since 1998, and continues to amaze me with her plethora of useful knowledge... She's the person you want on your survival team if ever faced in a disaster or zombie apocalypse. ;-) hehe

Allow me to officially introduce my beautiful cousin Nicole Everwine, and her favorite Everyday Essential home remedies:

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Invigorating Facial Scrub

Making an scrumptious, exfoiliating facial scrub at home is not only easy but the natural ingredients you can find in your cupboard are a far healthier alternative than their expensive counterparts. All you need to remember is this simple ratio:

1c. Sugar (Coconut, brown)


1/2c. of a carrier oil of choice (Apricot kernel oil, olive oil etc)

15-20d. Essential oil(s) of choice

For an AM scrub, try using rosemary and tea tree oils; The anti-EVERYTHNG that tea tree offers will cleanse your pores and prepare them for your day. Rosemary has a host of benefits, some of them being anti-inflammatory properties as well the ability to fight free radicals which, if unchecked may lead to cancer.

Beautifying Shampoo

This blend is beneficial for those looking for strengthening & lengthening and which one of us isn't? :)

6oz. pure aloe vera gel

3tbls. olive oil

5tbls. baking soda

20d. Rosemary essential oil

10d. Sage essential oil

Put first 3 ingredients in a mixing bowl and with electric mixer on medium, combine thoroughly. Add the essential oils and mix by hand. You could use your shampoo right from the bowl, but I like to use a funnel to place inside a glass bottle & pop it in the fridge for a bit so it can set.

"Mood" Puffs

Here's a great way to bring a little "zen" wherever you go. Whether you're hitting an afternoon slump or maybe your nerves need a little soothing while stuck in traffic, these 'magic' puffs can come to the rescue.

Take several sterile cotton balls, cotton gauze, or thick piece of cotton fabric you may have lying around. (denim works well) Drizzle with Peppermint, Cinnamon, or Grapefruit essential oils for an energizing pep. Or try Rosemary, Clary Sage, or Oregano for a focused clear mind, during a test for example. One of my fav's is to use a 3:1 blend of Lavender and Sweet Orange. The brightness of the orange wakes my senses while the Lavender is grounding. You can keep this in your pocket or purse, or if you're feelin' fancy, a little satchel! Keep it handy and in times of need, just breathe!

*According to the Mayo Clinic, aromatherapy works by stimulating smell receptors inside the nose, which then sends messages to the nervous system along with the limbic system, the center of the brain that controls emotion. Further studies have shown that nearly 75% of emotions are prompted by scent.

Tea-Bag Shoes

O.K. when I first heard of this DIY, I must admit, I was skeptical. After all I'm the Mom of two teenagers who play sports. Stinky sneakers are, unfortunately, a mainstay in our home. I figured however that I had to try it out. Here it is, tea-bags…yes, you read correctly, plain ol' tea-bags. Place one unused tea-bag in each shoe and let them sit over night. That was the original recipe and it worked for the most part, there was still a slight odor in my sons shoes whose were the worse. So I decided to put two bags into his shoes with a sprinkle of baking soda. Voila', no more stinky sneakers! What I found was that if we did this 1- time per week, the odor problem was eliminated.

Fruit & Vegetable Wash

Although the use of pesticides and other chemical constituents in organic farming is forbidden, I still feel a lot better when I'm biting into a juicy apple after I've thoroughly cleansed it. I had been using a product that I believed was "all natural" to clean my produce until I saw it featured in a list of products that had been linked to birth defects and numerous other ailments.. Crestfallen, I began a search for a healthy option and that’s when I came across this simple concoction.

For a small amount of fruits or veggies make a 50/50 solution of distilled water, distilled white vinegar, and 1 teas. table salt. Keep in a glass spray bottle. Spray the produce until soaked, let stand for 5 minutes. Wipe with a rag and give it a quick rinse.

For larger amounts of produce, use a large bowl and the same formula. Give your produce a good rinse and then soak it in the bowl for five minutes, Rinse and enjoy! (https://www.naturesnurtureblog.com)

Amber Teething Necklaces

Although my children are both teenagers now, how could I forget those sleepless nights when they were teething! Knowing now what I didn’t know then, I would have put Baltic Amber teething necklaces on them for sure. I can say this with the knowledge of many Mothers, who with love and confidence attach these natural beauties to their natural beauties! What gives these ancient resins their gum soothing power- succinic acid. Succinic acid is an organic compound that is found in our bodies. It has an analgesic effect, which is where happy babies, happy Mommies comes in! The compound is released in the form of an oil, by coming in contact with the child’s body heat.

Essential Oil Diffusers

There are several types of diffusers on the market today. Here I will discuss them so you can decide which diffuser is adequate for your needs and space.

Nebulizer/Cold Air-Diffuser

Uses room temperature air to quickly infuse a space with essential oils. They run through essential oils quicker and cannot handle the heavier of oils (base note). In addition, these machines are typically much louder than other machines on the market. However, due to the fact that there's no heating of the oils, the therapeutic qualities are not lost.

Evaporative Diffuser

These machines work by air being fan-driven across a pad or filter soaked in essential oils, and that action vaporizes the oils on the pad.. This category also includes clay and glass pendants and inhalers. Due to the smaller nature of these designs they are better suited for smaller spaces such as your car, workspace or other small space. You should also keep in mind that top notes evaporate much quicker leaving the middle and base notes remaining.

Heat Diffusers

When looking to simple fragrance a room, heat diffusers would suit that need best. The chemistry of essential oils is altered when heat is added, so the therapeutic effects will be lost. When looking for the therapeutic effects of essential oils it is best to avoid heat.

Ultrasonic Diffusers/Cool Mist Diffusers

This machine works by using electronic frequencies to create vibrations in the water. The essential oils are floating on the water and the vibrations vaporize the oils and diffuse them throughout the space. For the most efficient and beneficial way of diffusing essential oils in your home and space, .cool mist diffusers are your number 1 option. In each of the previous methods researched, not one can effectively produce constant therapeutic results. Whereas, the cool mist diffuser can.

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