Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

August 22, 2017



Summer is coming to an end, and we're all a little anxious for the simple joys of Fall... Sweaters, bonfires, apple pickin'... but most of all... pumpkin spice everything!


Yesterday, we decided to give ourselves an early taste of just that.  But being that its still super hot outside, and that those pumpkin spice cappuccinos aren't the healthiest of choices, I decided to go with Pumpkin Pie Smoothies instead.


These smoothies are vegan, gluten free, and soy free; and are packed with healthy fats, fruit, veggies, fiber, plant-based protein, omega-3s, and more! This recipe makes 3 nice sized smoothies and can be used as a meal replacement, post workout shake, or afternoon snack.



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1/2 a can of Organic pumpkin (Place in fridge the night before so its nice

and cold, save the other half for tomorrow's smoothie!)

 1 and a half frozen bananas

a couple handfuls of frozen kale

about a cup or two of ice

about 16 oz Good Karma Unsweetened Flax milk (or your milk of choice)

about 16 oz ice cold water

4 scoops of Arbonne Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder

2 tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp. coconut oil

1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon (ceylon is best)









Oh and be sure not to forget the pumpkin pie spice!  It makes the smoothie oh so good.


I get many of my spices, flours, and honey from The Amish Market in Mullica Hill, NJ.  It is one of my favorite markets to shop at.  Everything is pure and of good quality.












Throw all your ingredients in your blender of choice.  I absolutely love my Ninja!  Makes a perfect smoothie every time!  Usually, if I'm using chi seeds I like to blend it on the smoothie option two times (the kids like it nice and smooth).


And voila!  You have a perfect, good for you, pumpkin pie smoothie!  Tastes just like a pumpkin pie, and is a great way to get fruits and veggies in the busy kiddos midday.





Hope you and your children enjoy this as much as we did!


Tell us your experience in the comments.








And remember sharing is caring! So share this awesome smoothie recipe with someone you know that loves pumpkin spice everything just as much as us!




Have a blessed pumpkin-spice season!






You can find some of the ingredients and the Ninja I use here:


Ninja:  save $50 and free shipping for Prime members here:






Arbonne Vegan Vanilla Protein Powder is plant based, using protein from pea, rice, and cranberry.  Its non GMO, gluten free, vegan, and soy free. You can find more information about this product here. For details on how you can receive discounts on Arbonne products, or even earn FREE Arbonne products, feel free to email me at: ambrico[dot]lauren[at]gmail[dot]com

Or just shop for your Arbonne protein powder here:

Arbonne Vegan Protein



Here a couple excellent options for organic unrefined cold pressed coconut oil:






Garden of Life



Organic canned pumpkin:


Found this great deal on Farmers Market Organic Pumpkin, $10 off a case of 12, 15 ounce cans with FREE shipping:






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