About Me

I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Lauren Ambrico. Daughter of the Most High King, wife, mommy, teacher, and friend. I am a NJ state certified k-5 teacher, with my Masters in Elementary Education turned Stay-at-home/work-from-home mom. I'm have my Natural Holistic Remedies certification, and currently studying to obtain my Natural Holistic Essential Oils Certification. 


I love Jesus and I love doing His work. I have directed a preschool program at church, and also taught classes on the benefits of using sign language with your infants and small children at a local pregnancy crisis center. I recently started new ministry work in the hospitality department of our church's Moms Connect ministry. My last out of the home job was at a nearby Christain academy where I was the Praise Dance coach, Small Elementary Choir director, and substitute teacher. I stepped down as the due date of my youngest baby came near. My number one ministry right now is my family. I am wife to a hard working Godly man, and mommy to three amazing children; two daughters 10 and 8, and my son who is 3. (Born at midnight, the moment it turned my birthday last year! If that wasn't God ordained!)

I have a Bachelors in Humanities (theology, philosophy, psychology, sociology, foreign language, and art). I also have an Associates degree in Education. I love children, and always wanted to teach! Just didn't realize it was God's calling for me to teach my own until I had them!

Before I became a mother, while waiting to find a teaching position in a public school (oh the fun interview after interview process), I was hired to be a private teacher and help a family homeschool their child. It snowballed from there. I homeschooled and tutored many other children after that. So when I had my own, it was something that was in the back of my mind to possibly do.

After praying about it with my husband, and discovering my oldest had developed a severe life-threatening peanut allergy, we knew God was leading us to homeschool our children. I hope to inspire other homeschool families, as well as families that are considering homeschooling their children.


Life as a Christian wife and a homeschool mom has been a fun and challenging roller coaster ride, and making discoveries of natural health came... well... naturally along the way. I have discovered a strong passion (over the last 10 years) in natural health and creating a life for my family that is low on chemicals and high on God and love! After much interest from extended family and friends, I even started marketing the all natural products I have been making for my family for years, and that is how Lil' Olive Tree Organics came to be. So you see, Lil’ Olive Tree is not only a lifestyle blog, but a brand. You can shop Lil’ Olive Tree Organics homemade, all natural, organic products at Dimora in Mullica Hill, NJ. 

I started this blog, as my most recent "baby", back in August of 2017, and it has slowly and steadily been growing. I have a ton of ambition for Lil' Olive Tree, and hoping to find time in the future to reach my many goals.

My main goal in creating the blog Lil’ Olive Tree is to share my journeys in life about Marriage, Parenting, Homeschooling, and Natural Living, of course; and the little bit of wisdom I've accumulated along the way. I chose the name "Lil' Olive Tree" because of its biblical symbolism. David says in Psalm 52:8: "But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God: I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever." Another version says, "I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever." God's love is the only love that is unfailing, ever merciful, and full of grace, freely given if we trust in Him and let Him lead our lives. I want my family to be like an olive tree, with roots firm in His WORD; each of us a branch that grows and learns through Scripture each day, producing good fruit in to the world by loving and serving others for His name's sake.

Glory be to God!

One way to serve others that God has placed on my heart to do is to spread information about how to nourish our lives physically and spiritually, which is where the tagline, "Nourish the Body, Nourish the Soul" comes from. I hope to help bring like-minded people together for the sake of living healthier, more natural lives, and loving one another. I look forward to sharing useful information and products with you that will change your life! God bless!